Friday, June 02, 2006

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So far, the best stock blog in terms on content that I have seen. The writer Salvator Dali, by his claims, has "nearly 20 years in institutional sales & fund mgmt, ex-research head for two securities firms, worked in Sydney, Singapore, KL, HK". Of course, online people can say all kinds of things, but I tend to believe his claims.

Salvator talks mainly of Malaysian stocks, and for those of you inclined to invest in Bursa (and unscarred by CLOB) for its recognised defensive qualities, this would be one blog to visit.

At the same time, those who like to read my MyStockThoughts blog would also like Salvator's blog, as he also has many interesting perspectives and views to share. Just a few snippets off his blog:
China A-Shares / Banks / Bad Debts
Casino IR goes to Las Vegas Sands
Disneyland in Johor

A small complaint is that the small size of his font might deter visually-challenged readers from purviewing it more avidly.

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