Wednesday, June 01, 2005

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I have been investing in the stock market since I came out of school quite a few years back. I could not understand why people were willing to put their money with unit trusts; surely it would be more self-satisfying to align your money and your opinions in the same direction and then prosper by it?

Of course, things were not so simple. The professionals did have an edge on both information availability and promptness, though definitely they possessed no monopoly on this commodity. I felt my way around in the early years, read up on classic stock literature to get my ideas and inspirations, and put actual money in the Singapore stock market to get my appetite. There were successes and failures, but the precious legacy of all these experiences were the distillations of the lessons learnt and philosophies evolved which ultimately form the scaleable products of my time in the stock market.

I pen my thoughts in this forum not just to share my thoughts with fellow investors, but also for internalising the essence of these experiences within me as I relate them.




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